Capt Ogbonnaya Chima Sunday

Capt Ogbonnaya was a master mariner and worked with the NNSL until its liquidation in 1995. He worked with other maritime companies thereafter.
Interview of Capt. Ogbonnaya

Early education; employed by NNSL in Lagos; embarked on NNSL ship in Lagos, orientation given onboard; cadet school at a Ghanaian nautical college; first trip to England carrying coca and other cargoes; schedule aboard ship starts 6:00am till bedtime; the functions of 4th, 3rd, 2nd and Chief Officers when on duty; meals and their contents, Nigerian and continental dishes; free time at sea, how spent as a cadet; the 3 watches on board ship, who is on duty? ships sailed on; student life in Liverpool and Newcastle; family life in Cardiff; career and promotion experiences; views on the collapse of NNSL; life after seafaring; joined Aeromaritime and Brawal Shipping Nigeria Ltd inLagos and Port Harcourt; joined Shell Petroleum Development Company; retired in 2015.