Engr Bob Alfa

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Engr Bob Alfa was an engineer who worked on board ship and ashore. He rose to be a managing director of the company.
Interview of Engr Bob Alfa

Activities of UKWAL;  drydocking NNSL ships under NNSL versus under UKWAL, the politics; grievances against Admiral Ugunna over Capt. Oseifa; perceived cover of Colonel Gwadabe, and Mr. Bezi the reason enemies spared him; the appointments of Capt. Omoteso and Mr. Chidi – how he suffered under the former and was lifted by the latter; his own appointment as the Managing Director and how he ran the company; his view of the problems that dogged NNSL as a shipping line; injustices he suffered under the Abacha regime and Mrs. Abacha; panels set up by General Gumel and their reports; his arrest and 3-year detention at Gashua Prison, Yobe State; the utilization of funds released by NMA as loan to NNSL on the order of the Federal Government; dismissal by General Gumel; release under the Obasanjo administration and arraignment of the 6 suspects under detention in court; his employment and initial training at NNSL; the problem of crew trading (gbagbati) and its drawbacks to the company; the routine of seafaring, how sailors comported themselves at sea; the pattern of collaboration between UKWAL and NNSL; reasons for delays in crew wages;  what he has been doing post-NNSL employment; what he would do differently were he to be given the NNSL top job again; etc.