Mr. Gerald N. Chidi

Chief GN Chidi 1
Chief Gerald Chidi rose to the position of Managing Director of the company in 1989.
Interview of Chief Gerald Chidi

Highlights of his Interview

His tour of the UK for the NNSL from 1976-1981; work with Nigerline UK; training of NNSL cadets; ship drydocking arrangements; the politics between Lagos and Liverpool offices of the NNS; disbandment of Nigerline UK; return to Nigeria; appointment as Traffic Manager at Lagos Agency Office; promotion as Assistant Director and later Director of Commercials at the Head Office; resignation of Admiral Ugunna as Managing Director and his appointment to replace him; his retirement as a result of the face-off over carriage of railway wagons; his plans as MD to revive the company through re-tonnaging; the relationship with UKWAL and how the conference worked; his other activities and thoughts on the fall and liquidation of the company; etc.

Chief. Chidi’s last interview with Transport Monitor on his career and headship of NNSL….