NNSL Pensioners Welfare Association

A large number of the surviving former staff of the NNSL still continue to work in the marine and maritime industry of Nigeria. Many are part of the NNSL Pensioners’ Welfare Association whose members are all over the world. The story of getting the pension rights of the workers has taken a protracted route since the liquidation. Ordinarily, most of the workers who were still yet to reach their retirement age at the time of the liquidation in 1995 were deemed to have been compulsorily retirement. They had valid pension rights and the Federal Government recognized this.

Initially, the gratuity of the disengaged workers were paid during the liquidation settlements; even pensions began to be paid. However, the funds in the NICON-guaranteed pension fund ran out around 2013; hence, pension payments stopped. Consequently, the staff unions began the struggle to enroll the pensioners into the Federal Government pension roll. As at 2013, up to 900 surviving pensioners from the defunct company needed to be switched over to the Federal pensions system and varying progress was made under the different administrations since then.

Under the Buhari administration, much progress has been made so that the names of the pensioners have been approved for inclusion into the Federal Government pension payroll from October 2020. There is also an understanding that arrears of pensions will be cleared after the October restart of the pension payments.

There current acting President of the NNSL Pensioners Welfare Association is Mr. Solomon Nyorere while the Secretary is Mr. Iziogba. Mr. Paul Gbana, a former board member of the Pensioners’ Union can still be reached on +234 (0)803 402 5460.