Capt Tajudeen Alao

Capt Alao was a master mariner. He continues to operate in the maritime sector since the liquidation of NNSL

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Highlights of Capt Alao’s Interview

Early education at Epe; employment with Nigerian National Shipping Line after scholarship and education at NNS Beecroft, Apapa; early promotion on Mv Ahmadu Bello; leave in Lagos and employment with Yinka Folawiyo’s Nigerian Green Lines; trips to Spanish ports to load cement and return trips from Nigeria in ballast; experiences on stabilizing ship during rough weather at sea; back to NNSL and back to school for progression from 3rd Officer up to Master Mariner; typical cargoes carried and pattern of pilfering consumer goods at Abidjan, Tema, Lome, Cotonou, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Matadi ports; the routine of sea life and the attitudes of cadets at sea; the various ships he worked in; the period of UKWAL activities from Middlesborough ports; blackouts at sea, some lasting weeks and months, including the Mv River Gurara incident; work after retirement and the liquidation of NNSL; schooling and teaching after retirement; stints at NIMASA; etc…

capt alao